Make It last Forever

I can not say how much has changed since I've last posted on this blog. I've fallen in love, I've graduated, i've found a sense of peace. When Shamire & I began this blog we had no idea what we were doing. Countless hours spent editing, new ideas, new outfit post new everything. Maybe we didn't know what we were doing, maybe we were following our dream; and as I feel my chest squeezing together there is nothing left but goodbye. When I found this sight with my favorite fashion blogger I wanted to be just like her. I wanted to create something different an empire, something that was just not right for me. As I leave you guys with this final post, whoever is still left. I wish you nothing but the best, Nothing but success and I hope this is the path that you make yours.


Fall hike

It's rare to meet a group of awesome people that you just bond with and click with immediately so there are no  awkward moments no shy topics and, now long pauses. I had the pleasure to hike with such an eclectic group such as these fine people. It was my first time hiking so everything was just so beautiful, i will plan to do it more often, Noe that i know the hiking outfit that is required the next time i go you guys will get and immediate outfit update. Remember to make the world yours ^_^


Summertime Sadness

Will you forgive me if i present you with another giveaway. Theres just been so much going on this summer, this was my last summer in New York so after quitting my job i wanted to make the best of it. I've never meet so many new people in my life and to be honest I'm going to miss the skyline and rude people. Is it wrong to want to cancel my flight and stay in the city that never sleeps? Besides the adventures i've been having as you guys can tell i have not had time to update but I haven't forgotten about you guys. I took my camera out and my best friend to the skyline, and now I'm glad to share it with you guys. Thank you for being patient